Bertolini Wild S.r.l.
14040 Castel Boglione (AT)
Piemonte - Italia


Scoop of Work:
Poster and Magazine Ad
They are redefining their marketing ap proach and they would like to create a set of poster and magazine ad based on pictures of their bottles and specific "moments of consumption" and or emotions related to en joying the wine.
This No 32 wine is for women.
Solution: first, we want to put 3 women on this ad. Why not 2 or 7 or more? if only 2, they are look like couple. And if they are 7, this design will not look elegant and simple. We want this picture shows the moment of togetherness. And that setting on the beach is used to add impression of pleasure and beauty.
We also use retro color to make it more warm.